Gaaahhhh~! Totally can’t wait for ep 9 of Marriage not dating!!! While Se Ah continues to be super irritating, we can totally sense that Gi Tae is falling for Jang Mi. And Yeo Reum still gives me the impression that he has yet another hidden agenda.
On the other hand, Gi Tae’s mom has altered her strategy and turned the situation around trying to drive Jang Mi mad and make her not wanna marry. And she seems to be on the winning side.
Gawwwd~ can you pleeeease speed up the speed of time. Friday bball li wa~!

Intro to the characters of TvN’s Marriage not dating!

The new TvN Friday-Saturday drama Marriage Not Dating got me hooked on. I just love Han Groo’s character. Even though I’ve never seen any shows with her in it before. As for Yun Woo Jin, I’ve “met” him through MBC’s When A Man Loves last year. Episode 1 of this drama impressed me so much. Ah… an original drama with witty lines and good acting, I thought to myself. It is currently in its 4th week round. I regret not having to start watching it earlier. From the idols, we have Secret’s Han Sun Hwa. I remembered her from SBS’s God’s gift 14 days. And 2am’s Jung Ji Woon. Not another 2nd male lead from 2am! (Im Seul Ong in Hotel King).

As for the other male lead, Huh Jung Min. Its my first time seeing him. But, his character reminded me of Jung Woong In’s character in SBS’s Coffee House (2010) like instantly. People who’ve watched Coffee House might be able to relate.

Last but not least, Yoon So Hee, this girl is in virtually every drama I watch recently! From TvN’s Let’s Eat, High School King of Saavy, and now Marriage not Dating. Like her other drams she is playing a supporting role here too.

Beyond this point > > > > > > > SPOILER ALERT < < < < < < < < < < < < <


I think I gave enough warning. :)

Other thoughts:

I wonder if Hyeon Hee (Yoon So Hee) had a crush on Ju Jang Mi’s ex boyfriend.


I really like Ju Jang Mi’s (주장미) name. For those who don’t know, her name means Rose in Korean. Its really beautiful. Rose as a flower is very elegant, sophisticated and feminine. Yet it has thorns to protect herself. I think its a really good metaphor to describe an independent woman. 

I’m out. Peace!

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